Short men must make money before marriage – George Lutterodt

Entertainment of Thursday, 12 October 2017



Controversial counsellor, Reverend George Lutterodt

Controversial counsellor, Reverend George Lutterodt has advised men who are vertically challenged to be financially sound before considering marriage.

According to him, men below the average height who are fortunate to have wives should forever be grateful to them because most women claim to love ‘thick tall’ men.

“I am encouraging all the short men. Be careful not to lose all the women who have agreed to marry you because if you lose them because of your height it will be difficult for you to get another woman to marry…” he advised.

“Let the women know you are short. You only need make money. Look for money [that is breathing] so the women would know you are okay…”

He continued that, “If you are short, look at yourself in the mirror every morning salute and thank your wife. Don’t make a mistake to let her go or file for divorce. If you are a short girl too, makes sure you are beautiful…” he added.

Counselor Lutterodt also cautioned short men not to date short women because it will undermine their authority in the marriage.

“The mistake with short guys is that they go for shorter women to show authority which becomes an error. Let your wife be taller than you should there be something on top of a shelf she can help you. Height is part of relationship. If you are a married short man, never make the mistake to let your wife ask for a divorce…” he stated.

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