Nursing training allowance unsustainable – Alhaji Fuseini

Minority Spokesperson for Communications, Alhaji Inisah Fuseini is predicting doom for restoration of the Nursing Training allowance by the Akufo-Addo government.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Tuesday restored the Nursing Training allowance which was scrapped by the previous NDC government.

The allowance according to him, is to reduce the financial burden of parents and students across the country.

58,000 nursing and midwifery trainees across the country are to benefit from the allowance where they would be paid GH₵400 per month.

But Mr Fuseini said the restoration of the Nursing Training Allowance is a mere propaganda tool for cheap political points.

According to him, he couldn’t fathom why the NPP government will waste tax payer’s money over such a ‘needless and extravagant’ exercise when it could have been used for other social need.

“You will hear problems about it soon. You will see if they can sustain it. It is a mere propaganda. Soon you will see it will catch up with them. It is not beyond the NPP to do such propaganda. Why would you organize a ceremony over the tax payer’s money? It’s needless, wasteful and an extravagant exercise…” he said on Accra based Neat FM.

Alhaji A. B. A. Fuseini added that the NPP party cutting down enrollment and abolishing bonding of nurses after completion of their training in government funded health institutions will cause chaos in the country.

He explained that, the move will affect the nurse-to-patient ration hence limiting the required manpower in the Ghanaian Health Sector.

“They have cut down on the enrollment. And our patient to nurse ratio is down. We must work hard to meet the SDG, 1 nurse to about 12 patients. But we can’t get there if the quantity or manpower is low…” he said.

“We employed about 16000 nurses before we left power. Taking the nurses out of the bond isn’t good. What is the basis of helping them through training and they come out unemployed. The government is running away from the duty of employing nurses. The ration will come down. It is a bad policy and it will not improve the health sector…” he maintained.

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