Mel Gibson witnessed my first performance – Stephanie Benson

Entertainment of Monday, 9 October 2017



Benson Stephanieplay videoStephanie Benson said Mel Gibson was sitting at the table with Peter Stringfellow

UK based Ghanaian singer, Stephanie Benson, has disclosed that famous American actor and filmmaker, Mel Gibson was present when she performed for the first time in a nightclub. She made this disclosure during an interview on the Delay Show.

According to the musician, the ‘Brave Heart’ movie star was seated at a table in the Strange Fellows nightclub in the US, with the owner of the club, Peter Stringfellow when she approached them and suggested that she is given the chance to play the piano.

“My break was when I was nineteen when I went to Stringfellows. It was a night club in the centre of London. All the stars, that’s where they went The first time I walked in, Peter Stringfellow was sitting at a table in a corner with about 7 people around him. Mel Gibson and Andy Kane were present”, she claimed.

“I was quite shy so a friend of mine told me to go and ask him if I could play. So I gathered courage and approached the table, apologized for interrupting and told him that I could do better than the girl playing the piano”, she added.

Stephanie said that the owner of the club seemed skeptical at first but gave her a shot and that was her breakthrough.

“He looked me up and down, and for a moment I thought he was going to tell me to leave. Surprisingly he told me to go and play. I obliged, and three months later, Pete Waterman saw me perform and I got signed a year later”, she narrated.

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