KRIF launches Olympia brand of money counting machines

Business News of Sunday, 8 October 2017



Krif MachinesThe Olympia money counting machines come with some special features such as advanced UV and MG

The economies of many countries in the world have suffered depreciation and devaluation as a result of the high proliferation of counterfeit currency notes.

To this end, KRIF Ghana Limited, a 32-year old company, recognised for merchandising top quality German stationery, safes and office equipment, has introduced a new brand of high quality Olympia money counting machines to detect currency counterfeiting, and protect the Ghana cedi from experiencing artificial depreciation.

The launching of the Olympia NC 540, NC 590 and NC450 product line of money counting machines, is in fulfilment of a promise made to Ghanaians by KRIF, barely a fortnight ago, at the launch of the German Week Celebration, to continue to bring to their doorsteps top quality products, from Germany’s world class manufacturing brands.

The Executive Chairman of KRIF, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, when introducing the products, said that the machines are capable of detecting the highest level of counterfeit currency, as they come to a halt when they identify one. They are also the fastest, most reliable and safest to enter the Ghanaian market.

“These products are high technology but low priced to enable the ordinary market woman owning a shop, to afford one, which will help her avoid any counterfeit currency fraud, and earn what is genuinely due her, he said.

The Olympia money counting machines come with some special features such as advanced UV and MG, for detecting super counterfeit note, automatic and manual start count, a speed that enable 1000 note count per minute, add function which gives cumulative counting and a double note detection, as well as half note detection. A significant feature of the machines is their efficient power consumption nature – 50 watts and 75 watts.

He urged banking and other financial institutions, supermarkets, and churches, among others, to take the opportunity to experience better service with the new brands.

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