Man discovers drugs in yam he was asked to give to someone abroad

General News of Saturday, 7 October 2017



YAMMY2The man uncovered the patch and realised that the yam had been laced with drugs

An elderly man who was asked for a favor to help deliver some tubers of yam to someone’s relative abroad luckily discovered some drugs hidden in the tubers as he washed them.

The man who has been saved a hefty jail term had the drugs been detected by security personnel at the airport indicated that the yams were to be delivered to someone who was in dire need of the tubers.

He added that when the parcel was brought to his house for delivery, he realized that the tubers of yam were covered in so much dirt.

Per travel rules, tubers were to be washed thoroughly before being allowed on a plane.

The man then decided to wash the tubers of yam to rid them of the sand. It was upon washing the yams that he noticed water seeping from the top of the yam; an indication that there was a hole in the yam.

He then went on to carefully inspect the yam only to find some space in the yam. He uncovered the patch and realized that the yam had been laced with drugs.

The man upon the revelation gave thanks to God and bemoaned how someone would be so callous as to engage in such a deed to get an innocent man into trouble.

He went on to advise people to be careful of the favor they do for others when they are travelling. He asked people to be vigilant so as not to get into trouble.

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