GRA to impound uncustomed vehicles

Business News of Friday, 6 October 2017



Emmanuel Kofi Nti, GRA Commissioner General

The Ministry of Finance has set up a Special Surveillance and Monitoring Unit in collaboration with the Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) to impound uncustomed vehicles.

According to the Ministry, the move is aimed to blocking revenue leakages from unregistered vehicles that have entered the country through unapproved routes.

Speaking at Press Conference, the Commissioner General at the Ghana Revenue Authority, Emmanuel Kofi Nti stated that such vehicle owners have an opportunity to voluntarily pay their duty or be slapped with a penalty if the vehicle is impounded.

“I wish to remind the general public that in accordance with Section 55(1) of the Customs Act, 2016(Act 891), a person who imports vehicles into the country shall pay import duties and any other imposts. It follows from this that the owners of the uncustomed vehicles have violated the law,” he warned.

He disclosed that the work of the Special Surveillance and Monitoring Unit has confirmed that there are a number of uncustomed vehicles in the country.

“GRA is therefore calling on all owners of such vehicles to regularize the status of their vehicles with the Customs Division of the GRA,” he said.

Mr. Nti advised the public to be careful of vehicles they buy since some unscrupulous people may sell such cars to them.

“I also wish to advise the general public to verify the authenticity of the document of any vehicle they intend to purchase with the Customs Division of GRA to be sure of the tax and duty status of such vehicles before payment,”.

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