Ghana Shoemakers Trade Fair set for November 3-4

Business News of Thursday, 5 October 2017



Ghana Made ShoesThe fair seeks to reshape the ingrained perception amongst Ghanaians towards Ghanaain made brands

The GH. Shoemakers Trade Fair which aims to celebrate the innovation and quality of shoes made in Ghana will be held between November 3-4 at Seriallo in Osu, Accra.

According to the organisers, Synergia360IMC, the fair, a first of its kind will successfully establish itself as a pacesetter by heavily influencing the quality, innovation and craftsmanship of shoemaking in Ghana by young entrepreneurs.

“The GH. Shoemakers Trade fair will commence a new phase in the history of Local Brand Shoemaking in Ghana,” a statement issued by Synergia360IMC said.

“GH. Shoemakers trade fair seeks to reshape the ingrained perception and apathetic narrative amongst Ghanaians towards Ghanaian made brands of been sub-standard, comparison to foreign shoe brands.

“The trade fair will showcase an array of designed to last for aeons brogues, loafers, pumps, flats, boots, kids shoes, women’s stilettoes uniquely made in Ghana which can rival established international brands”.

The fair aims to demystify the economics of producing Ghanaian made shoes and also contribute towards national development by creating jobs for skilled and trained artisans.

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