Pistorius’ family threatens legal action over Lifetime movie

The family of Oscar Pistorius has confirmed they will be taking legal action against makers of a new Lifetime movie about the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp .

The disgraced Paralympian is currently serving a six-year sentence for shooting the model on Valentine’s Day 2013, but his brother Carl says the film, titled, Oscar Pistorius – The Blade Runner Killer, is a “gross distortion” of what really happened

“The ‘film’ was made with blatant disregard of both the Steenkamp and Pistorius families, as well as complete disregard for Reeva and Oscar,” Carl tweeted.

“Neither Oscar, the defence of the family were involved in the production of this ‘film’ anyway. The ‘film’ is not true reflection of what happened on the day of this tragedy and the subsequent trial of the matter.”

Double-legged amputee Pistorius was originally sentenced to five years after being found guilty of culpable homicide, but it was extended to six years when he was found guilty of murder on appeal by the prosecution.

However, Carl says the movie’s title is in itself misleading, claiming that a month-long psychological evaluation by “leading minds in the field,” found no evidence that his brother has “the mind of a killer.”

“The ‘film’ is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. The ‘film’ is rather a representation of what the prosecution tried to portray,” Carl continues, confirming that legal action is the next step.

The trailer for the TV movie shows the athlete shooting Reeva Steenkamp in dramatic scenes.

“Prove to me this is what you want, that you are worthy of me and this relationship,” he says as they argue and he grabs a cricket bat.

The film stars Andreas Damm as Pistorius and Toni Garrn as Steenkamp, and will premiere in the US on 11 November.

The gold medalist shot Steenkamp dead at his Pretoria villa in February 2013, claiming he mistook her for an intruder.

Reeva was facing the closed bathroom door when she was hit in the hip by the first bullet.

She then fell back onto a magazine rack as a second bullet hit her right arm.

The final two shots from a 9mm pistol hit her in the head and she died in Pistorius’ arms.


Source: The mirror

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