Parliament and Flagstaff House to go solar early next year – Energy Minister

General News of Wednesday, 4 October 2017



Boakye Agyarko 123play videoBoakye Agyarko, Energy Minister, addressing the house

Minister for Energy, Mr. Boakye Agyarko has revealed that government has started taking the requisite measures to ensure the Flagstaff House and Parliament house enjoy solar as a major source of power supply.

Speaking on the floor of parliament Tuesday, Mr. Agyarko said the development is a fulfillment of a promise he made to the house during his first appearance in parliament as the Minster for Energy.

He said the move is also part of the NPP government’s commitment to developing the nation’s energy resources.

Mr. Agyarko added that the project has already taken off as the ministry is in the process of gathering power profiles of facilities to aid their effectiveness adding that all the 681 Senior High Schools and the 36,000 Junior High School facilities in the country would also enjoy solar power supply in the coming year.

“I made a commitment when I first appeared in this house, that this building of parliament will be headed for solar. In that wise we have already started taking the power profile of all your facilities in order to make sure that early next year the house of parliament will begin to enjoy solar as a major component of its power supply. So will be the Flagstaff House and so will be all the 36,000 junior high schools and 681 senior high school facilities,” he mentioned.

He further stated that, government in a bid to improve the state of hydro resources in the country has facilitated the conversion of the Bui Dam, to a combination of solar and hydro to free about 250 megawatts unto the national grid.

“It is the policy of the NPP government that all our hydro resources will now be turned into high grade facilities. In that respect, Bui Dam has already started converting to a combination of solar and hydro to evacuate 250 megawatts unto the national grid,” he said.

Outlining some other projects the government intends to undertake to ensure the growth of hydro resources in the country, Mr. Agyarko said the “main Akosombo Dam is also expected to house a solar facility of 500 megawatts and the Kpong Dam similarly will host a facility of 100 megawatts.”

Mr. Agyarko said the Volta River Authority (VRA) will oversee all solar installation projects and said the project will be pushed through private investments.

“Indeed VRA is designated to be the lead on the expansion of solar facilities in the country. But all of this will be promoted through the private investment space and that is how come joining this alliance becomes very important,” he said.

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