Government offers scholarships to SHS students in Denkyira Obuasi

VILL3The move was part of a restoration plan for the inhabitants of Denkyira Obuasi

Senior High School students who hail from Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region of Ghana have been given the chance to further their education with the provision of a scholarship scheme.

According to a report by, the prime purpose of the scholarship is reintegrate the town and its citizens back to normalcy after the unfortunate lynching of the late Major Maxwell Mahama who died in the town. Other purposes of the scholarship is to ensure that brilliant but needy children get the chance to benefit from the program to secure university education. The Scholarship Secretariat of Ghana indicated that the move was part of a restoration plan for the inhabitants of Denkyira Obuasi who incurred the wrath of many Ghanaians after the lynching of the military man.

Many of the inhabitants of the town reportedly skipped town for fear of being victimized by the security agencies when news went round that an angry mob had attacked a military man who the alleged to be an armed robber. A many as 60 suspects have been arrested so far in connection with the lynching of late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama. The number has been downsized to 20 who are currently standing trial for the murder of the soldier.

The late Major Maxwell Mahama was lynched by an angry mob in Denkyira Obuasi after he was accused of being an armed robber. His death sparked debates on mob justice all over the country. He received a state burial for his bravery. The military man left behind a widow, Barbara Mahama and two young sons.

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