Fuel station accused of selling contaminated fuel

Business News of Monday, 2 October 2017

Source: Starrfmonline.com


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A pump station has been accused of selling possible contaminated fuel to residents of Gushegu and some users of the Eastern Corridor road in the Northern region.

The fuel was suspected to be contaminated after many customers who used the pump complained that their motor vehicles had broken down after using the pump which is located near the police station on the outskirt the town.

Many motor riders could not start their engines few hours after buying from the station. A vulcanizer said his generator refused to function next day after using the fuel.

Assembly member of Nayilifong electoral area, Suale Alidu said his motorbike developed an engine fault after he bought fuel from the station operated by one Afa Hardi.

The assemblyman described the liquid substance as having the color of ink and later said it looked like the color of ‘sobolo’, a local hibiscus drink prepared with Bissap flowers.

Mr. Alidu said the fuel station has sold the contaminated fuel for almost a week despite reports by customers after consuming. He said there was so much smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe when he used the fuel.

Two other persons confirmed and took pictures of the fuel in the tanks of their motorbikes which was sitting in a mechanic shop.

The Nayilifong assemblyman explained that customers who bought from any of the remaining five fuel stations in the town have not recorded any break downs. He added that some customers confronted the pump attendant only to inform him about their experiences not to demand compensations.

He indicated many people had since stopped from buying from the pump and said, however that the operator still sells the “bad” fuel to unsuspecting motorists traveling on the Eastern corridor.

When Starr News contacted Mr. Hardi over the claims, he declined to comment on the issue.

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