Prince Mackay takes George Quaye to the cleaners

Entertainment of Sunday, 1 October 2017



George Quaye JjGeorge Quaye, host of the Pundit

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Big Events Ghana, organizers of the Radio and Television Personality Awards (RTP), Prince Mackay has taken a swipe at George Quaye, host of the Pundit.

Prince Mackay speaking on GH Entertainment lambasted George Quaye and accused him scheming to undermine the reputation of the annual awards.

He alleged that George Quaye and Charter House have plotted to suppress the awards scheme so they gain monopoly over the industry.

He was reacting to last week’s show hosted by George Quaye and a panel of critics who discussed the awards scheme.

Prince Mackay in his submission stated that George Quaye and Charter House have made attempts to destroy the scheme.

According to him, he will no longer keep mute over the attempts to destroy the gains made by his company in organizing the awards for deserving personalities on radio and on TV.

He told the host that George Quaye and his panelists, undermined the awards scheme, attacked the Deputy Communications Officer of RTP, although he kept his cool.

He added the show on that day was purposely produced to denigrate the rich success of the RTP awards, He also alleged that George Quaye who was once the PRO for Charter House have allowed himself to be used by the company to run down other events. He urged George Quaye and Charter House to focus on their credibility crisis they have in the organization of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards before attacking others.

The management of RTP had issued a statement after show attacking George Quaye and claiming that he is not the standard of PR in Ghana. He further took his game on Sally Frimpong an entertainment critic who was also on the same that day. According to him, the critic was bias and unfair in her submission.

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