Teephlow explains the concept behind his new single ‘Phlowducation’

Entertainment of Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Source: Spyderlee Entertainment TV



Spyderlee Entertainment signee Teephlow who recently released his single ‘Phlowducation’ has explained to Spyderlee Entertainment TV the concept behind the song.

The release of the song according to the rapper is his own way of curbing the ‘galamsey’ menace vehemently fought by the government in the country. Speaking with Pamela Boateng on Wednesday, ‘The Warning’ hit maker stated that ‘galamsey’ has a larger effect on the country’s resources and thus the whole nation should come together and fight against it.

‘It’s actually a no-brainer. It’s something that has a larger effect on the whole country. It shouldn’t even be something to deliberate on; it’s something the whole country should come together and fight against. We heard what happened when the ‘anti galamsey’ campaign started and we had to lose an honorable person so I feel we need to come together and stop this thing,’ he said.

Teephlow went on to reveal that the video was shot at the Breakthrough Studio by Pascal AKA. He added that the scenes were partly shot in the studio and also in Alajo.

When asked whether it was indeed true that he was paid by the government to release the song, the rapper responded; ‘No, the government hasn’t had any influence in this project or anything I’ve done so far. It’s just I and my record label Spyderlee Entertainment. Everything we did was just an idea because we thought we needed to get people’s minds to it. After the demise of the late General, nobody is talking about it again…so we are hoping the release of ‘Phlowducation’ will educate the people and help curb the menace.’

‘Phlowducation’ is currently receiving massive airplay and has over 41k views on YouTube.

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