Producers to blame for current state of movie industry – DJ Vegaz

Movies of Sunday, 24 September 2017



Dj Vegaz1Godwin Mensah Vegaz

Film maker, Godwin Mensah Vegaz popularly known as DJ Vegaz is blaming film producers for the stunted growth of Ghana’s movie industry.

He said the lack of creativity on the part of producers has created the situation where old stories are repackaged to movie lovers.

In an interview with Saturday, DJ Vegaz also deplored the “paltry” money give to crew members.

“They take the crew for granted because they want cheap labour,” he lamented.

Ghana’s movie industry is reeling under some challenges many have described as self-inflicted.

The absence of sponsors and the proliferation of foreign movies such as telenovelas are some of the major factors identified to be impeding the progress of the industry.

But DJ Vegaz said the industry could be vibrant in the continent if producers change their attitude towards the work.

“They are not supporting themselves and they go for cheap labour but want better results,” he said, adding a change of all these will mark a turn-around for the industry.

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