Reply my messages or I’ll kill myself – Fan writes to Yvonne Nelson

Entertainment of Friday, 22 September 2017



Yvonnenelson22Actress Yvonne Nelson

As a celebrity, several people look up to you and admire you from afar. They want to be in your close circle so they can tell the world “he or she is my friend”.

Well, people get so obsessed and develop some sought of attachment from afar that could lead them to do a host of things for their favourite celebrities.

Actress Yvonne Nelson shared a message she received from a fan that is so much in love with her the she virtually eats and breathe Yvonne Nelson.

The fan in the message tells a story of how she follows the actress and is willing to work for her as a house help so she can see her face every morning when she wakes up from bed.

She indicated that she has always tried to reach out to the actress through her social media accounts on several occasions but has not had a positive answer and threatened to kill herself if the actress does not respond to her messages.

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