Old musicians deserve gratitude – Joe Frazier tells Sweenity

Entertainment of Monday, 18 September 2017

Source: Flex Newspaper


Joe Frazier MusicianJoe Frazier

One of Ghana’s big names in the music circles, Joseph William Frazier AKA Joe Frazier has in an interview thrown shots at up and coming musician Sweenity for disrespecting the old batch of musicians who did so well in lifting the Ghanaian music image to where it is today.

The ‘borla goods’ singer in an interview with flex newspaper explained that, he is always amazed to see, hear or see these new crop of artistes disrespecting the very musicians who created the music path for them today. To him, it is very painful to hear unknown artistes like Sweenity call them names after their efforts to put the industry where it is today;

“I don’t know that guy talks more of hearing his songs, but I am very sure he did that just for the fame which is wrong. We the old musicians have done so well for this industry and deserve some gratitude. He (Sweenity) should always do his checks anytime he wants to put out statements that aim at tarnishing the image of others. It is never true that we never helped the up and coming ones during our prime time. Obrafour and Tinny are behind the success stories of most of these big talents we see today. Ask Guru, Tinny, Kwaw Kesse and Edem and they will all tell you it’s Obrafour who introduced them into this game. I never charged a penny anytime some of the then undergrounds wanted me for a feature till date” he explained.

He further said that, Sweenity should be mindful of his words and learn since it is the only way to breakthrough; “I want to tell him (Sweenity) that, he should be very mindful of the words and learn hard, it is inappropriate to disrespect your elders who can correct you when you Err, rather than going about disrespecting elders he should think of working hard to make his songs known to the public that will help his brand.

He again assured his fans to look out for him as he is about releasing his latest single titled sorry.

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