You can’t have secret life as a celebrity – Tsegah

Entertainment of Thursday, 14 September 2017



Prince Tsegah

Arts and entertainment critic, Prince Tsegah has urged Ghanaian celebrities seeking to live a secluded life to shun since it doesn’t exist in their books.

Speaking to host, Ibrahim Ben-Bako on Joy Primes ‘Red Carpet’ Entertainment Review, Prince Tsegah made the assertion that being famous in the showbiz will forbid one to live secretly.

Renowned celebrities according to him who lament about having their personal lives don’t know what it takes to be one.

“If someone is in showbiz you don’t expect them to live a normal life. There some events that you will not be expected to attend. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand you. Getting married to a public figure is like having a public property…” he said.

Nonetheless, the entertainment pundit further advised stars across the country to pay mind to what they display on Social Media.

He added that keeping a secret life starts from knowing what to post on social media.

“We should all be careful and no what information to put out on social media. Our life should be kept private. There are things that need no publicity. Sometimes is makes it difficult to trust your partner…” he advised.

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