Shatta Wale to save the movie industry with ‘Shattered lives’?

Entertainment of Wednesday, 13 September 2017

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Shatta Wale

Born Charles NiiArmahMensah, Shatta Wale ever since his miraculous entry into the music scene, has single handedly taken the entertainment industry to a level that would have required thousands of individuals to achieve same results.

He recently added the moniker ‘MAGIKHAL’ to his list of titles, a title believed to have emerged from his enormous contribution not only to the entertainment industry but the country at large. His presence has been an eye-opener to other musicians who before his intervention made nothing or less from their God given talents, his attributions and contributions towards the industry cannot be overemphasized.

Shatta’s creativity and versatility has seen him go the extra mile as far as entertaining his fans is concerned and has played diverse roles not only in the music circles but other sectors relating to entertainment. As a person who has the entertainment industry at heart, Shatta Wale in his quest to pump more energy in the movie industry picked up his first acting role in the movie ‘Shattered lives’ when he realized the movie sector had become slow and of course, his presence alone in that movie did the magic when for the first time in a very long time, over 5,000 copies of the said movie was out of stock and yet more copies were still being requested for.

Speaking to the producer of the movie, Mr. Jacob Marmon who doubles as the CEO of and explained that, he is currently in a shock looking at the number of copies that have been sold out and the number of people still demanding for the movie.

“I don’t know the exact words to use, I mean from 2016 last year when the movie was produced, it has remained the hottest till date and has broken several records with regards to movie premieres in this country. What makes the movie so different from other movies aside its renowned actors and actresses is that, though it was made in English, it has a ‘TWI’ dubbed version all in one CD case” he explained.

He further continued to say, Shatta Wale’s splendid performance in the movie was shockingly amazing and wasn’t too much of a surprise when he became the first Ghanaian musician to win a movie award at the Golden Movie Awards in the ‘DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR’ category for his prodigious performance in the movie ‘SHATTERED LIVES’

The movie starred famous acts like, Shatta Wale, BisaK’dei, Majid Michel, Martha Ankoma, Bismark the Joke amongst others and it is the first movie to have a sound track which was an instant hit because it featured Shatta Wale, Bisa K’dei and Mizter Okyere on a more danceable tune. This makes it more than a sound track but a powerful collaboration. The award winning movie tells an emotional story about domestic violence in relationships from both sides (the man and the woman). This makes it more interesting to watch and it leaves the viewer to make judgment after watching the movie.

Having stars like Shatta Wale, BisaK’dei, Majid Michel, Bismark the Joke, Martha Ankomah on a movie should only tell you the substance it is made of. Grab a copy and thank me later.

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