Kanda Bongo man headlines African Legends Night

Entertainment of Tuesday, 12 September 2017

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Kanda Bongo Man

Congolese vocalist and musician Kanda Bongo man will headline this year’s edition of the African Legends Night which will take place on Saturday, September 30 at the Banquet Hall of the State House in Accra.

The man who single-handedly gave the world the infectious ‘Kwasa Kwasa’ dance will perform alongside his 14-piece band and some selected Ghanaian musicians.

The Congolese musician will treat Ghanaian music lovers to a different tune of authentic African music, as he promises a memorable night with his much-loved classics, as well as some new releases from his current collections.

Kanda Bongo Man is known for the structural changes he implemented to ‘soukous’ music on the African continent.

His form of ‘soukous’ is believed to have given birth to the ‘Kwasa Kwasa’ dance rhythm, where the hips move back and forth while the hands move to follow the hips.

Born in 1955, Kanda Bongo Man has been on the world music scene for almost three decades.

With his creative style of performing, stagecraft and singing skills, Kanda Bongo Man inspires millions with his music which cuts across the continent and, thus, appeals to anyone who loves the quality.

Songs like ‘Lela-Lela’, ‘Bedy’, ‘Zing Zong’, ‘Nzambe’, ‘Djessy’ and a host of others ensured Bongo Man’s stardom.

Last year’s edition of the Kasapreko African Legends Night saw an overwhelming patronage and innumerable pleas for an encore show.

The show was hosted by South Africa’s Hugh Masekela, Femi Kuti of Nigeria, Freddy Meiway of Ivory Coast, Amakye Dede, Ben Brako, Ofie Kudjo and George Darko, all from Ghana, have graced this event. There is never a dull moment at this event; performances have been thrilling beyond measure.

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