Armed policemen, bailiff storm Woyome’s house is reliably informed that seven fully armed policemen, National Security officials, 1 bailiff from the Supreme Court and 5 officials of the Land Evaluation Board on Thursday morning stormed the Kokomlemle house of embattled businessman, Alfred Abgesi Woyome.

Mr Woyome who confirmed the incident to this website said the team tried forcibly to enter his house reportedly on the order of the Supreme Court to value the property for auction.

He’s said to have objected to the team entering met his house around 5am, hence met them outside and asked them to produce relevant documents from the Supreme Court, which the team couldn’y readily provide.

Mr Woyome doubted their legitimacy as the Supreme Court is on legal vacation hence there could be no way they had acquired one.

An interpreter filed long time ago by the UT bank in the court was shown to them.

The bailiff from the Supreme Court carrying out the legal orders of the AG reportedly gave his name as Prince Eli.



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