Ghana doesn’t belong to the two fools – Funny Face and his ex-wife – Lutterodt

play videoLutterodt says the two ‘fools’ should stop behaving like children

Controversial marriage and relationship counselor, George Lutterodt, has lambasted Funny Face and his ex-wife for using their marital issues as grounds to disrespect themselves.

According to him, the two ‘fools’ should stop behaving like children and stop the bickering because they do not own Ghana.

“Ghana does not belong to the two fools. They are stupid people. I am begging the elderly people from Funny Face’s home and the lady’s home to rise and talk to this small boy and small girl”, counselor Lutterodt said.

He also added that the immature display by Funny Face is likely to have a negative impact on most children since they consider him a role model.

“Funny Face is a role model to children. So what is going on is affecting those parents who practice zoo keeping and poultry farming, which is rampant in this country than parenting”, he stated.

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