Playwright Nii Commey to ‘seize’ National Threatre again

Entertainment of Tuesday, 5 September 2017



Commey NiiNii Commey is one of Ghana’s most hilarious playwrights

Come October 2017 and perhaps, Ghana’s most hilarious Playwright, Nii Commey will once again take the National Theatre by storm with his latest and stage play SKIRTS AND SUITS, under the flagship groundbreaking theatre series Where Two Or More Women Are Gathered, by Laugh for Lives Africa.

The average theatre lover is fully aware of Nii Commey’s capabilities of holding his audience spell-bound for as long as his plays run. He has over the past 15 years plopped the seats of his diverse audience, imprinted smiles on their faces and left ashes of total theatre experience with them.

At the launch of his new play, he gave audience a buffet of his past plays, and pulled a surprise by staging a stunt which nearly caused chaos in the auditorium. In what sounded so real of a gentleman who suddenly popped into the auditorium to drag his girlfriend out, the rest of the audience were so incensed by the embarrassing scene and naturally reacted in response to the uncouth behaviour of the gentleman.

What made situation precarious was how Nii Commey stunningly acted this stunt out with his actors without anyone from the auditorium noticing the stunt. There was a never-ending laughter when everybody discovered after the play that it was staged.

Speaking at the of the official unveiling of the series of plays, Nii Commey outlined the exciting times ahead for both theatre lovers and non-theatre lovers stage.

“This is theatre innovation that will not only thrill audience or provide them with the unforgettable theatre experience, but also be used as a machinery to provide hope for the underprivileged, underserved and the unfortunate in rural communities” He said.

“Where Two or More Women are Gathered brand of stage plays is an attempt to use the power of theatre to celebrate women, empower them, ignite their passion and create the world that they always dream and desire to be in. So for the next 24 months, we shall be running side-splitting stage plays that showcase women from all walks of endeavour. Under the brand of plays will be the corporate edition, campus edition, political edition, amongst others.” He explained

“Theatre must transcend just humour. It must go beyond just entertaining a group of the audience on an exciting evening.

Theatre must also be able to address societal needs, expose who we are, where we are coming from, and where we are heading towards, pulling along the unfortunate, so that together we can make the world a beautiful place for all and sundry. And so, by the end of this campaign, we believe that the world of women would have been enlightened and the poor ones amply supported” he reiterated.

“As a theatre for social change outfit, we believe that anytime we create an unforgettable theatre experience for our cherished patrons, we also create opportunities for underprivileged mothers and their children to be able to also be part of an experience that will instigate hope in them.” Nii Commey concluded.

SKIRTS and SUITS is the corporate edition of WHERE TWO OR MORE WOMEN ARE GATHERED. The play chronicles women in the corporate world, to dissect the good the bad and the ugly that befall them in their careers amid sticky cliffhangers, double standards, untamed wits and social change.

Laugh For Lives Africa is one of Ghana’s leading social enterprises using the power of theatre  and communication for social change, under the creativity and directorship of Nii Commey. The next time you want to patronize a theatre show look out for the Where two or More women are Gathered” seal. You will not only thrilled, but you will be contributing towards helping the poor in society.

So, in case you have not seen any of the works of the man behind “Romantic Nonsense”, You May Kiss the Corpse and Dusty Cathedral, then this is the opportunity to do so this October.

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