Nana Adjoa said not to ‘descend into gutters with immature Funny Face’

Entertainment of Tuesday, 5 September 2017



A source close to Funny Face’s ex-wife says she would not respond to any his rants

The ex-wife of Comedian, Funny Face has been described as ‘someone who is too decent’ to descend into the gutters and trade accusations with the comedian.

The respectable beautiful lady, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim, a source who knows of the beginning and end of the love relationship between the two told’s Kwaku Nti in an exclusive interview that she has ‘not and would never respond to the childish’ accusations being thrown about by the comedian.

The source said this while reacting to news that made rounds on several news portals yesterday that the beautiful lady had described the comedian as a man suffering from pre-mature ejaculation.

“Maybe my ex-husband is suffering from early ejaculation and I had cautioned [him] on several occasions but he wouldn’t listen to me,” she reportedly said.

The comedian broke up with his wife in 2016, ending what he said was two torturous years of marriage.

“What I’ve been through is worse than killing,” he referred to his marriage to Elizabeth which ended.

He blamed himself for the outcome of the marriage, alleging his wife slept with some of his best friends.

“I didn’t do my homework well before marrying her. Big buttocks and ass and hips pushed me into marrying her,” he told Accra-based UTV.

But a year after the Comedian made public his divorce, Elizabeth is reported to have said she did not enjoy the marriage either.

She reportedly said Funny Face’s “early ejaculation” denied their marriage the joy it needed.

This news, according to the source, is a ‘fake one’ as Nana Adjoa would never utter those words irrespective of the level of disagreement.

“Nana Adjoa, as I know her has always been decent and very cultured and hence can’t utter those words hence I was shocked when those words were attributed to her…,” the source said in disbelief. gathered that Nana Adjoa has in the past week been involved in extended family issues and has had no time to grant media interviews.

“Nana Adjoa has been involved with the funeral of a relative and has had little time to respond to her phone…,” the source said. would in the subsequent days reveal shocking details about Funny Face’s marriage including the REAL causes of the divorce.

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