MUSIC REVIEW: Ebony ‘steals’ portion of ‘Alewa’ for ‘Date Ur Fada’

Entertainment of Tuesday, 5 September 2017



Ebony Reigns

Song: Date Ur Fada

Artiste: Ebony

Producer: DannyBeatz

Author: Kwame Dadzie

Preamble: Few months ago, I wrote an article titled ‘Pulling the seductive reins as Ebony reigns’ and I stated how Ebony could be relevant even outside the world of ‘raunchy-dom.’

I pointed how talented she was and how promising the future was for her as well as how important it would be for her to learn to up her game.

Today, she is the hottest artiste whose songs are enjoying very huge patronage. In 2017, she has three popular songs: ‘Poison,’ ‘Sponsor’ and the latest controversial song ‘Date Ur Fada’ which has got a lot of people talking.

Instrumentation: Ebony’s handlers have discovered the magic wand to her success and whatever plan they have laid is working for them. The beat of the song is not extra ordinary in production. It falls in the same groove of her previous songs.

Beat ‘theft’: There is nothing wrong with picking portions of people’s songs to inspire yours but it is more worrying when people do so without seeking consent and acknowledging the right owners.

I had pointed out on Facebook that Ebony took something from Ofori Amponsah’s ‘Alewa’ for ‘Date Ur Fada’ and Bullet her manager came to comment that the original owner was Atakora Manu and not Ofori Amponsah.

So I listened to the three songs critically. I picked a keyboard to check the notes and I can say that, that musical phrase in Ebony’s song is THE SAME as what Ofori Amponsah used in ‘Alewa’ butdifferent from Atakorah Manu’s bass line in ‘Otete Mpomamu.’

While Ofori and Ebony’s songs repeatedly play :f:f.s.s:

Atakorah’s bass line goes like s.d’.d.’d.’.s..d’:d’.r’.r’:

While ‘Alewa’ is in Key C Major, ‘Date Ur Fada’ is in Key D Major. Atakora’s song is in Key B Flat Major and has quite different timing.

Message: ‘Date Ur Fada’ is centred on a lady who is asking her boyfriend not to disappoint her when she gives him all the love he needs and becomes a good wife.

Content Analysis: I have heard a lot of controversy surrounding this song. Some people have said that Ebony is corrupting the youth by advising them to date old men but I beg to differ.

I see nothing wrong with this song. This is a very creative piece that shows exquisite ‘songwritership.’

The singer, in the song, tells her boyfriend that she does not need money or all the luxury of life. All she needs is the man’s love and attention for her.

Even though she has heard of the boy’s record of being a womaniser, she still wants to date him because she loves him. She goes further to say she has all the physical attributes to make him happy so he dares not cheat on her.

Then, it comes to where she says if he disappoints him, she will date his father and turn his ‘mum.’ This does not necessarily mean she will date the father of the boy. It implies that she will not do ‘crazy’ things if the guy breaks her heart.

It is an expression to show how painful breaking her heart will be. No man will be happy to see his ex-girlfriend go out with his friend, let alone his father. It is simply a ‘threatening’ statement to make the singer’s boy stay faithful to her.

We live in a society where most women feel ‘used’ when men they date don’t marry them. They feel that their time has been wasted so they go about cursing these men – sometimes attempting to stop them from getting married to any other lady. Some even resort to spiritual means to make the man’s life miserable.

Ebony in ‘Date Ur Fada’ is simply portraying the ordinary woman in a relationship. I know a lot of women, who due to a chain of heart breaks, have decided to date old and married men because according to them the old men give them much attention and care.

The singer simply epitomises an insecure woman in relationship. She loves the guy but fears to lose him.

Target: This will be the second time Ebony, through her music, is expressing an interest in dating an old man. In ‘Sponsor,’ she tells the story of a young woman whose boyfriend cannot fend for her because he is financially handicapped but can really satisfy her in bed.

Because of money, she goes in for an old man who cannot satisfy her sexually but provides all her needs.

This message resonates well with the youth. Most young men have stories of how old men with money have snatched their girlfriends from them and the women also have experiences of how they end up in the love webs of these old men.

Conclusion: Ebony has done so well in the year under review. She has released three hit songs and has performed at a couple of shows. Her PR team has also helped with the many publicity stunts, which have kept her in the limelight in spite of the stiff competition.

I am convinced that if she pushes harder by headlining more prominent shows, she will be closer to winning Artiste of the Year in next year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

I rate ‘Date Ur Fada’ 76%.

Listen to ‘Date Ur Fada’ in the link below:

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