Counselor Lutterodt and Lawyer Ampaw disagree on ‘dating in the office’

Lawyer Ampaw and Counselor Lutterodt

It was more the ‘words of war’ between Counselor George Lutterodt and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw as the two shared different opinions of the subject ‘Office Date’.

Counselor Lutterodt and Lawyer Ampaw were the two guests on UTV’s ‘Amaya’s discussion session’ and interestingly they both hold different opinions when it comes to whether office dating should be encouraged or not.

As expected, Counselor Lutterodt has endorsed dating in the office, noting that, it makes the office comfortable and interesting.

Lawyer Ampaw on the other-hand disagreed with the counselor and condemned that act.

According to the Lawyer, office dating is against the codes of ethics as enshrined in the law and should be discouraged.

Lutterodt again argued that some people dated in the office and yet were successful.

“You see, it has been tested and proven… some people did it and they succeeded”

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