Akufo-Addo must deal with corrupt officials decisively – NDC Action Movement

The Action Movement of the NDC has expressed worry over the seemingly lack of interest by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to crack the whip on alleged corrupt officials of the erstwhile John Mahama regime.

According to the group, the reluctance of the government to institute credible and transparent investigations into the fraud and corruption, which were the benchmark of the John Mahama regime, is leading to a sense of hopelessness, indifference.

In a statement signed by its Spokesperson, Kodzo Hamenya Keglo, Action Movement said “it is unacceptable for a simple goat theft to attract a very severe custodial sentence, while professional thieves in coat and tie who have denied us resources for development are let off the hook on technical legal trivialities.

“We are aware of former Mahama appointees whose names have come up in corruption deals secretly trying to cut deals with some top government officials and pay back the booty and walk free. We are by this statement calling on President Akufo-Addo not to spare any appointee of former President John Dramani Mahama, 

“There is a long-held perception that many government projects are bloated for the purposes of corruption, causing the state to lose millions of dollars.”

Action Movement also urged President Akufo Addo to investigate allegations of his aides pocketing as much as $30,000 in order to book appointment and prosecute all persons engaged in the act of corruption.

“The President won an overwhelming endorsement at the polls as a result of the people’s believe in him to fight corruption. This must not go waste. Former President Rawlings has made several calls for the action to be taken to make corruption unexciting venture. It is at the back of such calls that earned him vicious attacks from the corrupt and tainted Valerie Sawyer. 

“All officials involve in the stinking $72million scandal at SSNIT, $132million contract inflation of Dust bin contract with some subsidiary companies of the JOSPONG GROUP OF COMPANIES, the AMERI Deal, the BOST SCANDAL and any other corrupt deals that have come up must be prosecuted and jailed to serve as a deterrent.”






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