Roads Minister’s bodyguard fires warning shots to contain chaos

A notorious heavy-duty equipment dealer and his men on Monday faced off with the Minister of Roads and Highways, his Deputy and some officials of the Ministry after the Minister went in to stop them from working at some location on the Spintex stretch.

Reports say, the bodyguard of the Minister had to fire several warning shots to quell the confrontations when the dealer and his workers tried resisting the Minister and his team. The Minister had visited the construction site of the tunnel linking East Legon to the Spintex on Monday, August 29 for an inspection when this occurred.

It is alleged that prior to the incident, the Minister had complaints from the Chief Engineer of Sonitra, Mr Feda Natour, that the dealer’s heavy-duty equipment at the location was disturbing the effectiveness of construction works.

He’d therefore called on the Minister to cause the dealer to move his equipment from the location. This was after several calls to that effect had failed.

According to the dealer, he was a party member and hence demanded to be given ample time to vacate the location, but the Minister insisted he complied with the directive.

It took the intervention of the East Legon Police who came in to effect an arrest and bundled the dealer and his men into a police vehicle.

Attached are videos of the incident.

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