Five fun places for tourists in Ghana you may not know about

If anyone asks you to name 5 places in Ghana for tourists to have fun and experience the warmth of this country to the fullest, you may definately be looking at the very popular tourist destinations, sites and monuments.

First to cross your mind will be kakum National Park, Elmina castle, Boti Falls, Manhyia Palace, Paga crocodile pond, Mole national Park etc. This is almost always the case for several others outside Ghana because of the hype and marketing done for these sites. Many tourists who have already visited these places struggle to find new things to do or other places to visit when they come back here.

Truth be told, there are some amazing places in Ghana where you can have fun as a tourist both domestic and international. Don’t you think it’s about time we sell our other sites and fun facilities to Ghanaians and other tourists who don’t know about such places? Here are 5 fun places for tourists in Ghana you may not know about.


go karts.jpg

In other parts of the world, kart racing is very popular for it’s fun excitements, adrenaline rush moments with lot’s of speeding and competition among family, friends and lovers. In Ghana, this is not so common. However, in the past few years, go-karts have began to gain some level of recognition and affection from fun lovers and tourists. Rather than visit the same old places over and over a again, tourists in Ghana can go to the kart race courses and have a happy time riding and competing with family,friends and loved ones. It presents another opportunity to shake the boredom off. There are a few go-kart facilities in Ghana now but one very popular one known as the A1 Raceway located in Tema is one that stands out.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve


When you talk about wildlife in Ghana, you may not even think of this place right? Aren’t you just used to the Mole National Park, The buabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and Kakum national park? Anytime wildlife is mentioned in Ghana, only a selected few are talked about. However, there are so many great wildlife reserves to see and experience. One such reserve is the Shai Hills Resource Reserve. This reserve is made up of very eye catching rocky hills lined up in a chain of the woody plains. About 200m above the surrounding land is the Shai Hills and is  primarily made up of quarry stones. With caves surrounding the plains, you can actually go on an adventure while on the hills. With a current count of about 31 species of mammals, more than 175 species of birds and 13 reptile species, this is definately a place to visit. There is a lot to see and plenty to learn.. The main mammal species currently found in the reserve which are of great importance tourists include western kob, oribi,grey duiker, bushbuck,genet, anubis baboon, vervet monkey and spot-nosed monkey. Lover of wildlife? This is the place to be.

Accra polo Club


If you are familiar with this sport, you will be wondering why nicely dressed men will ride on a horseback using a long-handled mallet to score goals against an opposing team  by driving a small white plastic or wooden ball into the opposing team’s goal.  It is normally played on a grass field and each polo team consists of four riders and their mounts. In Accra, the main polo club is at the Accra Polo grounds where games go on usually on weekends. It also presents a great opportunity to network since many corporate leaders and businessmen use this sport to relax. Tourists are always encouraged to register and play as it is a great form of exercise.

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