Samsung outdoors Note 8 Sept. 15

From September 15 Samsung Note lovers will have the opportunity to acquire the latest Note 8. It comes on the back of challenges that greeted the Note 7 last year.

Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 devices last year due to several reported cases of overheating or outright explosions during charging.

Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics, Tracy Kyei said it has put in more security checks to ensure customers are safe and enjoy using the phone.

“We have eight point security check that we go through for every single device and this is also to make sure that we don’t have such mishaps,” Kyei noted.

The Note itself has seen more worthwhile upgrades, though they’re all very predictable. It’s got a Snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB of storage (with microSD support), and 6GB of RAM. The battery is 3300mAh



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