Stop using smear campaign to kill local businesses – Akufo-Addo warned

A youth activist of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has urged Ghanaians and Government to support hardworking local businessmen in the country.

According to him the only way Ghana could bridge the unemployment gap is for the Government and people to support genuine local businessmen.

“One person who is doing well as well is Ibrahim Mahama with his Dzata cement. It is bigger than that of Dangote. What I expect from this Gov’t and Minister Alan is to rise above excessive partisanship and support this initiative. Others like Roland Agambire of RLG, Joseph Siaw Agyapong of Zoomlion should also be supported by Gov’t and the people to succeed so they could employ the many unemployed Ghanaians,” he said.
He argued that the reason why Nigeria has most of Africa’s richest people is that the Government does support local businessmen.

“If you look at Nigeria, they have the richest businessmen across Africa because Obasanjo’s Government supported them. Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa became the richest because the Government of Nigeria supporting them. Mike Adenugu 3rd richest had it because he was supported. When he wanted to do telecommunication, he couldn’t raise the $400m needed but Government supported and now he is employing lots of people across Africa. Our Governments should emulate that,” he opined.

Speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii Sen on Friday, Sammy Gyamfi expressed worry about how excessive politicization and the smearing of local businessmen are affecting their businesses therefore calling for an immediate stop to that.

“All the time what we do is to politicize and smear the work of these businessmen. If we continue doing that the country may collapse. Already the government is saying that it cannot create jobs on its own but private sector so if we don’t see them as our own and support them, we will collapse ourselves and the country. What we must know is that they are Ghanaians first of all and are creating jobs for people regardless of their party affiliations,” he stressed.

The Former PRO of the KMA bemoaned how the Ghanaian business space is encroached by foreigners which he believes should be halted immediately because it adversely affects the local economy.

He commended Businessman Ibrahim Mahama for taking the bold step to go Into the bauxite mining industry which has largely been controlled by the Chinese and other foreign companies.

“When you look at the mining industry, it is being controlled by Foreigners so I commend Exton cubic (local company) for joining the Bauxite industry. I hear it is yet to finalize all the legal documentation including parliamentary ratification. I urge the minister and Parliament to help fasten the process for it in that regard”.

He urged the Akufo Addo Government to emulate that of Mills/Mahama in supporting local businesses without partisan considerations.

“Former Presidents Mills and John Mahama helped Zoomlion in spite of the perception that it was an NPP business. Others were supported under these administrations so I urge Prez Akuffo Addo to emulate and improve on that in order to create jobs for our people. Businessmen like Ibrahim Mahama, Jospong, Despite, Kessben deserve commendation and support so as to create more jobs for the youth.

He condemned the Akufo Addo Government of not creating the enabling environment for local businesses to succeed adding that some are being smeared by activists of the Government.

“It is very bad that Akufo Addo is failing to create the needed enabling environment for businesses. He should have Tax cuts, incentives, stimulus packages for the local businesses. If they are able to work effectively and successfully, not only will it benefit the economy with revenue but also open up employment avenues for our teaming unemployed youth”

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