Unibank becomes ‘Headline Sponsor’ of the 3rd Banking and Insurance Fair

Business News of Friday, 4 August 2017

Source: Kotlers Management


Clifford Mettle (Director of Marketing and Alternate Channels)-Unibank Ghana Limited

Unibank is excited and really pleased to partner and to be the headline sponsor of the 3rd Banking and Insurance fair otherwise known as the ‘financial fair’.

We are happy to partner because of the synergy between the two institutions and in fact, as much as it is a financial fair. We being an indigenous bank, we really want to sponsor so that all the other companies will join because we want to grow the industry.

There are issues evolving in the industry and as a prime bank, we want to take steps in ensuring that we find a center stage in making sure that all issues relating to the financial industry are addressed in these forum.

Additionally, we want to express our gratitude to other people including financing NHIS to some people and to encourage people towards financial inclusions by opening some accounts for them as Kotlers Management Services has led the way.

Together we want to ensure robust finance industry. That is why we think indeed, it is always better to be the headline sponsors.

Additionally, Unibank bancassurance being one of the best bancassurance providers in the country, we trust that, our sister company being Star Life/Star Assurance could be part of the event to make it a success. We wish to invite everybody to this fair as we thank all our customers for making us the Unibank they prefer.

As a bank, we support all activities to push farther hinterland and ensure greater financial inclusions. One thing we support as a bank is that, the event becomes an annual affair every year, so that all the issues we raise in the previous and subsequent years could be evaluated and tackle so that we can push for greater inclusion.

We trust that we will be the headline sponsor year on year.

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