Foreigners stabbing our back on coffin materials – Coffin makers allege

Business News of Friday, 4 August 2017



Coffin Makers at Fante New-Town in Kumasi

Coffin Makers at Fante New-Town in Kumasi have disclosed that the massive shortage of woods and high cost of coffin materials has become a major challenge thereby collapsing their business.

They say the declining nature of their business is making their lives insufferable and want immediate action to be taken by authorities in the country.

Speaking to Abusua News Osei Kwadwo they said, foreigners from Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo are competing them in-terms of the wood for the coffin which has made wood for curving very expensive and scarceness.

The manufacturers cited the high cost of the coffins, which they attributed to the cost of the materials as reasons why their businesses are collapsing.

They are therefore appealing to government to come to their aid and save their business from collapsing.

The price of a coffin ranges between four hundred Ghana Cedis (400GHC) for ordinary ones and one thousand Ghana Cedis (1000) for stylish and decorated ones.

”Before the foreigner’s invasion, we use to sell about 50 coffins within a month and sell 700 within a year but now sales have changed to worse.’’

They added ‘’we are appealing to government to bring some policy which will help us the coffin manufacturers business from collapsing. We play a major role in the nation building because we pay tax”.

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