Sex Can Help You Perform Better At Work-Scientists.. SEE HOW

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No doubt, people love s*x because it is pleasurable. But experts are saying that pleasure isn’t the only reason you should keep getting busy underneath the sheets! They say the mental and physical benefits of a healthy s*x life extend far beyond your bedroom.

Researchers, scientists, and medical professionals who have studied exactly how s*x improves nearly every facet of life say if you hate your job, having s*x can be the necessary game changer that will make you fall in love with your job afresh.

According to the researchers, a great s*x life makes you happier with your job and might even make you better at it! This was the finding according to a recent study published in the Journal of Management.

Oregon State University researchers asked 159 married employees to complete two surveys every day for two weeks. The participants noted how many times they had s*x between the end of their work shift and the next morning. Then, in the afternoon, they answered questions about how happy and engaged they felt at their jobs.

People who had s*x the night before work were more likely to immerse themselves at their jobs and enjoy their time in the office the next day than those who didn’t make time for s*x, the researchers found.

That might happen because s*x produces a significant “morning positive effect,” the researchers say, meaning all of the good feelings associated with s*x — mainly stemming from feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine — carried over and produced a nice mood boost the next day, too.

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