The Mineral That Protects Your Bones: And It Isn’t Calcium

When researchers investigated the minerals they thought might strengthen bones, they were surprised to find that calcium did not seem to help. But another mineral was discovered to be crucial for reinforcing your skeleton.

The scientists found that people who live in areas that consume more magnesium in their drinking water enjoy stronger bones. Consequently, the researchers advocate adding magnesium to drinking water reduce the number of hip fractures.

“Perhaps water utility companies should use dolomite in addition, or as an alternative, to lime. Dolomite contains both magnesium and calcium, while lime contains only calcium carbonate,” says Cecilie Dahl, a research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

More than 300,000 Americans are hospitalized every year for hip fractures. That’s a serious problem. When you reach your 60s, a broken hip can be especially dangerous and life-threatening.

”The protective effect of magnesium was unsurprising but the correlation between calcium and magnesium in water and hip fracture was complex and somewhat unexpected. Therefore more research is needed to get a more reliable result of the relationship between drinking water and hip fractures and to get a better picture of the biological mechanism in the body,” says Dahl.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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