Survey Shows Some Couples Lose That Loving Feeling After Three Years

The seven-year itch, which refers to the amount of time many believe married couples begin to want s*x outside of their relationship, may be a generous estimate. According to a report commissioned by Warner Brothers, it appears as though some relationships may start feeling lackluster after only three years, reports Reuters.

The movie company surveyed 2,000 British adults in committed relationships. The reason for the shortened time span seems to be due to one partner’s weight gain, unhygienic Survey shows some couples lose that loving feeling after three yearshabits, snoring or stingy behavior.

“Longer working hours combined with money worries are clearly taking their toll on modern relationships and weekends away from marriages and relationships in order to revive the romantic spark,” Judi James, who oversaw the survey, told the news organization.

More than half of the British citizens who were in younger relationships said they had s*x with their partner at least three times a week, but only 16 percent of those in relationships that had lasted more than three years said the same.

Hormone and anti-aging specialist Cecilia Tregear recommends that couples who want to spend more time unwrapping condoms in the bedroom exercise their minds and eat nutritious meals

source: Lifestyles

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