Rashida’s video: Leave Anita Erskine alone; Jesus ‘welcomed’ prostitutes – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson spits fire on a section of the public who are condemning Anita Erskine for reaching out to Rashida Black Beauty over her release of “nude” video, noting that Jesus Christ did same by reaching out to Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute.

According to the movie star, she is shocked some Ghanaians are unhappy with radio personality “Anita Erskine” for not condemning the act of Rashida Black Beauty but instead reaching out to her.

The obviously peeved Miss Forson shared the post on her Instagram page.

“So Anita is in trouble because she didn’t insult Rasheeda, she didn’t give her a stern reproach, she didn’t call her a shame to womanhood, wasn’t singled out to represent all women and condemned for it?

“Anita is in trouble for reaching out, and trying to help a girl clearly in need of it? She’s in trouble for doing what NONE of us did? Wow”

“If you listen to the likes of Mannaseh they’ll have you believe that people cannot be reformed, that they can’t amount to anything because of their past”

“That video should break your heart; break your heart that people in the country have to grow up in an environment so bad that this seems “NORMAL”.

As religious as he is he forgets the story of Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, the loose woman, the one men like Manasseh in the bible turned their noses at but Jesus welcomed with open arms,”

“Today the bible makes several references to her, and do we look at her with disgust? No, she represents Gods forgiving nature and repentance”

“His lack of comprehension makes him misinterpret any attempt at speaking up for a victim as “condoning” the act. (And he did the same with the whole Hamamat issue). You don’t have to like a person, their choices or their lifestyle to support them when you think they need it most”

“It’s OUR collective responsibility to make sure we create an environment where girls like Racheeda can be saved from themselves. Don’t let the privilege of your upbringing fool you; any of us born in certain environments could have turned out this way. She’s no different from the Kayaye girls, or the “streets girls with several children, she’s no different from the girls pimped into prostitution; all these girls had no one looking out for them, grew up in an environment where they had very few options.

And even if she had grown up privileged, privilege doesn’t always shield you from making bad choices; and when you do your only saving grace is someone who cares.”

“At Anita Erskine I CELEBRATE YOU on being what we all ought to be, our neighbours keeper, better christians ( for those who’re religious) and even better citizens for the self proclaimed patriots. You’re either a part of a problem or a solution” she averred.

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