Ghanaian media only interested in giving absurd headlines – Victoria Lebene

Ghanaian Actress Victoria Lebene Mekpah has taken a swipe at the media over what she describes as their large appetite for writing “absurd” headlines and projecting only the negatives of society and about people.

The 27-year-old actress has been in the media for the past few days for opening up on her relationship with her lover, Kofi Adorjolo.

She is reported to have told KOD on the Zone, that she has a thing for older men.

“I have a thing for quite older people. I think older people can really take care of women than the younger ones. I think they respect women, they understand them, they don’t give them pressure, they would not argue with you, they would understand you in every aspect,” she said.

However, Victoria Lebene seems to be displeased with how her interview was reported in the media.

According to her, she said so many things in her media interview but only the flaws were reported.

“Someone cannot grant a media conversation and still enjoy their lives in sanity! Why are some of our media so bent on giving absurd headlines? Out of the many things and works that I do, only the absurd and flaws are being projected,” she laments.

She says despite the fact that she’s imperfect, she’s working hard enough to complement the national effort in developing the country.

She, therefore wants the media to desist from projecting bad image of Africa and rather help promote the good efforts of its people.

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