Stop the crusades and preach against indecent exposure – Maurice Ampaw to Pastors

Maurice Ampaw 111Maurice Ampaw is a lawyer

Celebrity lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has charged Ghanaian clergy to stop what he describes as needless crusades and rather focus on transforming society by preaching against indecent exposure that has caught up well with a section of the youth in recent times.

He observed that semi-nude ladies parade the streets of the country and even in churches, yet pastors instead of speaking against them rather concentrate on holding big crusades because it is an avenue for them to make huge cash to the detriment of the breakdown in the moral fibre of society.

“Ghanaian Pastors must stop the crusade and preach about the circulation of nude pictures around the country. Today it is Ama, tomorrow, Efia and the next day it is Rashida. The Pastors must preach against this to restore the lost dignity of society”, he appealed.

Speaking on Nyansapo, the private legal practitioner reiterated the need for pastors to focus on nudity and stop the numerous crusades especially when the youth are going astray.

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