Reasons the Accra Grill and BBQ Festival is a must attend |

The Accra Grill and BBQ Festival offers a great platform for chefs, food enthusiasts, and foodies alike. It also provides an opportunity for sampling a wide variety of barbecued meats; including chicken, mutton, pork, fish and ribs; as 40 Grill & BBQ joints from across Accra will converge at the La Tente DC 10 Restaurant, opposite the Marina Mall to fire up their pits and prepare savory grills.

Here are five simple reasons why you should attend the Accra Grill and BBQ Festival.

It’s In Accra: If you’re worried about the location of the event, worry no more. As you might have already guessed correctly, the festival would be held in the nation’s capital, Accra. Accra is a cosmopolitan city known for its variety of cuisines sourced from the different tribes found within. The Accra Grill and BBQ Festival will bring together the numerous varieties of these cuisines under one roof for two full days. The yard of the airplane turned restaurant will heat up and sizzle with the finest Accra has to offer from the grill. Where else would you rather be on the 26th and 27th of August, 2017?

There Will Be Live Music: Aren’t you tired of the fruity loops and the generic beats? An outdoor festival just isn’t complete without some good ole live band music. Accra is known as the Mecca of Highlife and Hip-Life music; the bread and butter, the alpha and the omega; so you can rest assured that the music will be great and it will be live.

Celebrity Chefs Will Be Present: There will be a special line-up of celebrity chefs ‘repping’ on the day. Who knows, you might just have the opportunity to strike up a conversation with your favorite on-screen chef at the event. There will also be a special cooking class from the MasterChef to teach a few simple grilling tricks.

The Little Ones Can Tag Along: Just in case you were thinking the children are going to hold you back, scarp that thought and worry no more. Do bring them along as there will be ample space, professional child minders and safety for the little ones to play while you enjoy the event thoroughly and peacefully. Get your markers out and be sure to cross out the 26th and 27th of August because you need to be at the Accra Grill and BBQ Festival.

It Will Be Delicious: To cut a tall list short, it will simply be delicious! The Accra Grill and BBQ Festival website ( is filled with mouth-watering recipes for you to try out at home. All vendors present will be showcasing their outdoor grilling skills for your pleasure and amusement. You would agree that a hot and spicy platter of grilled goodness must go down with an equally great cup, glass or bottle of goodness and so a variety of drinks would be available. This simply means that there would be lots to taste, eat and drink.

Consider the amazing possibilities: great food, great people, great venue and great music. I bet you can you taste it already, can’t you?

By: Akosua Ofewaa Opoku/

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