Czeck company to produce electricity from Ashaiman’s plastic waste

General News of Friday, 28 July 2017

Source: Ghana News Agency


Czeck company to produce electricity from Ashaiman’s plastic waste

The Chief Executive Officer of the Mozanto Limited, a Czeck refuse recycling company, has hinted on the possibility of producing electricity from plastic waste at Ashaiman.

Professor Kucera Cornelius Kanel said this on Friday during a visit to some selected sites in the Ashaiman Municipality as part of prospecting work of the company to set up a refuse recycling plant in Ghana.

He said the refuse would be sorted into categories and the plastics turned into oil adding that the oil will be used for producing electricity to run our machines so we don’t have to buy power.

Professor Kanel informed that this project was a means of transferring waste processing technology to Ghanaians because the project would start with a training programme for prospective workers.

Mr Albert Boakye Okyere,the Municipal Chief Executive of Ashaiman, hailed the project due to its potential to clean the municipality of its waste as, Cleaning the city is good because if there is any epidemic, it doesn’t know any limits; whether young or old you can be affected.

He said at the monent, there were waste materials everywhere in the municipality and if all the waste on the streets find their way here, I think it’s a plus.

Mr. Okyere said that with the full operation of the processing plant, the revenue the Assembly spent of refuse management would reduce considerably and that alone would free income for the Assembly to handle other pressing needs.

He also indicated the job creation potential of the investment by saying that when it is done, it is the people who will work in the factory and that is purely in line with the President’s vision of creating jobs for the unemployed.

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