Accra opens its first Jollof Restaurant

Business News of Friday, 28 July 2017



Jollof RestaurantThe new Jollof restaurant is located in the heart of Ghana’s capital, Accra ?- Dansoman.

Jollof, the much talked about delicacy from West Africa has finally gotten a restaurant dedicated to telling its stories and exposing the world to various types of Jollof.

The new Jollof restaurant is located in the heart of Ghana’s capital, Accra?—?Dansoman.

According to the team, they consider Jollof Restaurant as a way of sharing Africa’s culture with the rest of the world because Jollof is a traditional African meal yet very modern and globally consumed.

Jollof Restaurant was started to share this taste to the rest of the world. And we do this in an environment that is modern, serene and open.

The restaurant also serves food including Fried Rice, Fries, Yam chips, Noodles and Red Red and is open everyday from 10am?—?11pm. The restaurant starts operating on Saturday July 29 and it’s open to the general public. No invite needed.

They offer live band on weekends and provide a perfect environment for lunch meetings, dates or family outing and hangouts. Because of the fierce debate between Ghana and Nigeria Jollof, we asked the team to choose which one taste better and funny enough they couldn’t agree on either one because the team has a Nigerian chef and a Ghanaian chef and each of them defended their country fiercely. However, if you want a taste of both Jollof, you might just know where to go, Jollof Restaurant.

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