First ministerial assessment to occur in October – Akoto Osei

General News of Wednesday, 26 July 2017



Osei 13Akoto Osei stated that all Ministries have submitted reports for evaluation

Ghana’s Monitoring and Evaluation Minister, Mr. Anthony Akoto Osei, has revealed that the first ministerial evaluation will take place in October this, the first one to take place in the country.

Speaking at a West Africa Monitoring and Evaluation conference setup by the International Center for Evaluation and Development (ICED), Minister Okoto Osei revealed that his ministry will assess each government ministry’s performance.

He also stated that, as of now, all government ministries have already submitted their reports regarding particular set goals by which they’re supposed to be evaluated on.

“…all of them [Ministers] have submitted the first draft but it takes some time to define precisely what results you want. It is not easy to talk of what exactly you want to achieve in 2017; it could be tangible results or just output,” he explained.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Minister did not reveal which Ministry his outfit would be assessing first.

He did, although, point out that the Energy and Financial Ministries assessments would be most important as the functions of both ministries have great impact on the general public.

“Finance and energy are always top on the line because of the relationship to the general welfare of the country. When there are power crisis, generally businesses do not do well so if the minister tells me he will be able to eliminate dumsor by December, then I expect him to do so,” he again stated.

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