Delays in implementing new sulphur level worrying – COPEC

Business News of Tuesday, 25 July 2017



Fuel Pricesnew1Majority of petrol consumers are fed up with the delay as it is affecting their cars

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) has told Citi Business News it is disappointed over the delay by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in implementing the new Sulphur levels for diesel.

This comes at the back of the change in time of the initial date to start implementing the new Sulphur levels from July 1 to August 1.

The NPA has explained that the delay is due to constraints in meeting the gazette national specifications for gasoline and gas oil.

It will be recalled that a study by the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) and the Swiss NGO, Public Eye in 2016 revealed that Ghanaian consumers were at a high risk of fuel contamination, as the diesel products in use contained excess Sulphur content than specified internationally.

The NPA subsequently reviewed its Sulphur specification content from 3000 parts per million to 500 parts per million, and eventually to 50 parts per million.

Speaking to Citi Business News on the matter, Executive Director of COPEC, Duncan Amoah said the National Petroleum Authority has failed in its duties to ensure the speedy implementation of the new Sulphur levels for petroleum products.

“Every single excuse being made today has been made before. We were told in the past that Tema Oil Refinery will need a creation plant to be added so as to be able to produce the kind of Sulphur standards Ghanaians were asking for and it has taken over a year”.

He added that a majority of petrol consumers were fed up with the delay as it is having a negative effect on their cars

“You don’t see any action in that regard except to get further excuses that seem to suggest we are not ready for cleaner products. I do not think Ghanaian motorist and consumers are any way enthused, constantly cars are breaking down because of these products,” he said.

Mr. Amoah stated that the NPA’s delay in ensuring the implementation of the Sulphur content levels was a sign of disregard to higher authorities.

“The vice president himself, Dr. Bawumia had to further assure the public that the July deadline would be enforced. And today NPA is saying otherwise. It makes you wonder indeed whether the NPA itself has any regard for authority in this country. Clearly it’s worrying, the excuses are needless the excuses have become one to many in this country,” he said.

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