Turkey: Magnitude 6.7 earthquake triggers Tsunami; 2 dead

Thousands of Brits are feared to have been caught up in a deadly earthquake off the coasts of Turkey, Rhodes and Kos which has killed at least two and sparked a tsunami.

Shocking pictures show water flooding a hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, as British holidaymakers on nearby Greek islands woke up to find their hotel rooms “shaking” after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck last night.

News agencies are reporting that two people have been killed and several more are injured after the quake hit the Greek party island of Kos.

Nobody is believed to have died in Turkey, but Bodrum State Hospital has reportedly been evacuated.

Damage in Bodrum, Turkey, after the earthquake caused a tsunami

Damage in Bodrum, Turkey, after the earthquake caused a tsunami

Brits told The Sun they had been evacuated from their hotels, with pictures showing holidaymakers bunking down on sun loungers over fears buildings may be unsafe.

Footage reportedly filmed inside the hospital showed doctors and sick children huddling under desks as the building shakes.

The tremor struck at 1.31am local time around 6.4 miles south of the Turkish resort, and 10 miles east of Kos.

Footage reportedly filmed in the aftermath of the quake in Kos showed roofs caved in by falling debris and pieces of stone strewn across a square.

Eyewitnesses told how sea levels dipped by about a foot before the tsunami struck, followed by mass floods shortly after.

Terrified British holidaymakers in popular Greek resort Rhodes also described waking up to “swaying” buildings.

Former footballer Kevin McNaughton, who is near Dalaman, around 120 miles from Bodrum, said he was caught up in the quake.

The former Cardiff City player tweeted: “Jesus just experienced earthquake in Turkey, literally crapped myself room shaking allover place, just stood outside now no sure what to do.”

Chris Burden, 59, from Salisbury, Wilts., is on holiday in Rhodes Town.

He said: “It was a massive tremor for about 45 seconds. It was frightening.

“The hotel has cracked walls – it’s basically split in half.”

Londoner Fred Nathan, 25, was on holiday in Rhodes with girlfriend Mary O’Connor when they were woken by the tremor.

He told The Sun: “We woke up and the room was shaking.

“It was really disorientating. We got up to look out the room and it was still shaking.

“We felt really uneasy on our feet. It seems like it was felt all over the island.

“Our hotel said all the lifts are out of action.”

European quake agency EMSC urged people to avoid going near the coast due to the tsunami.

It said on Twitter: “A small tsunami is confirmed. AVOID BEACHES IN THE AREA, but you are safe on higher grounds.”

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