Club chairman accuses players of taking bribes from opponents

Sports News of Friday, 21 July 2017



Bolga StarsBolga All Stars are struggling to survive

Bolga All Stars striker Mohammed Abdula has accused his playing mates of accepting monies from club officials with the view of playing matches of convenient.

The Tamale based club has seen a poor run of consistent defeats in the Ghana Premier league, leaving the football fraternity raising questions over the reality of results from their recent matches.

The Bolga based club team lost 4-0 to Bechem United in their week 23 fixture where forward Ahmed Toure netted his first hat-trick of the season.

Speaking to Kumasi based FOX FM, the Abdulai alleged with the anonymity that most of his teammates faked injuries during their final preparatory session, ruling themselves out of the week 23 trip to Bechem, forcing the club to travel with only 15 players without a reserve goalkeeper.

Asked whether his team mates accept bribes from some clubs he said, “It is true some of our players do that which we have heard and have seen, but I cannot mention names.

Because you see some of the players play contrary to what they exhibit at training, some fake illness and this happened in our last training before the game against Bechem, and we went with only 15 players without a reserved goalkeeper, including irregular starters”.

Mohammed Abdulai, who rules out personal involvement in an attempt to fix a match by accepting bribes from opposition clubs further revealed that some of the players including himself sometimes rely on friends sending them money to cater for their stomach, as club officials fail to fulfil their financial obligations to the players.

He further claimed most of the players have absconded camp due to hunger, while others honour training sessions based on their condition, but play it softly in matches, giving undue advantage to opponents.

Bolga All Stars currently sit the bottom of the 16-team current league table with 12 points in 23 matches.

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