Creation of Constituency Development funds unnecessary – PERI Ghana

General News of Thursday, 20 July 2017



William AwukuWilliam Awuku Ahiadome

The creation of Constituency Development Funds to oversee government’s projects in the districts is unnecessary, according to Political and Economic Research of Ghana (PERI-Ghana).

“Structures that we already have on the ground, we are running over them believing that it will bring development”, Board Chairman of PERI-Ghana, Mr William Awuku Ahiadome stated.

“We already have the District, Municipal, and Metropolitan Assemblies (MMDAs) that are already running and what is it that they cannot supervise within the constituencies? …they are structures already in place”, he pointed out.

“For us to start inaugurating groups under constituencies to help development in the hundred and seventy-five constituencies is unnecessary”, Mr William Awuku Ahiadome bemoaned.

“I know that virtually every region, district or constituency has a development project or program that runs to a point. …where is the development… what extent were they able to develop existing projects in the country”, he asked on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM’s morning show.

“If these people inaugurated by the government decide something and the assemblies also decide something what do we do? If they all also agree to do something could it also not be the district could have done it”, the Board Chairman quizzed during a panel discussion on the show.

“So what will the District Assemblies be doing that will be different from what the Constituencies Development Groups will do and we have to set up another level of structure”.

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