Woyome’s letter to NDC | General News 2017-07-18

General News of Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Source: kasapafmonline.com


Woyome DffffBusiness man Alfred Agbesi Woyome

H.E Afred Agbesi Woyome writes;

Please enough of The Insults On President Mahama.

Tell me Who can Match His Legacy In The NDC!

Prof would have if he had lived.

I am the one who should vilify him when he issued ( or caused to be issued) a bogus white paper on a sole commissioner’s report when I never even appeared before him!

That report has been challenged by me in court and it will not stand.

Even a doubtful Supreme Court, as we have it today, has expunged aspects of the report that appeared to have overturned the High Court ruling that awarded me the judgement debt together with the consent judgement.

Why the above narrative?

I know what happens in NDC governments.

Most decisions are collective and dependent on the wishes of the so called power brokers behind Power.

These same People recruit some of you guys directly and most often indirectly to do their bidding!

President Mahama will come back.

He WILL clean the Mess but not for the retaining of Power for the NDC only as a reason.

Let THE COWARDS continue in Their Cowardice.

The NDC belong to the people (the masses) who cannot be fooled again.

Enough of all the insults on president Mahama.

You do not know where and how this party was brought from during Kuffour’s era.

YES , I agree that we were uncomfortable with President Mahama’s relationship with Kuffour but is that a reason enough to join the Akufu Addo’s band wagon to use deception to unseat your own ruling government in order to gain a seaming control on our party!

I was even once touted to be a member of the NPP and a thief!

Those lies have fallen as a pack of cards and so also are the lies on The Presidents Mills / Mahama administrations.

Those “ADVISORS ” : where art you ?

I support President Mahama for the leadership of the party according to constitution.

We all have one vote only but should not delude ourselves that the people are fools that will continue to swallow our repeated lies hook and sinker.

Good morning to your lives.

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