Selfishness, greed, cause of Africa’s poverty – Duncan Williams

General News of Tuesday, 18 July 2017



Duncan Williams DlgjfFounder and leader of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

Founder and leader of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has attributed the selfish attitude and most often, unwillingness to give freely and help the needy to Africa’s current state of poverty and lack.

He said unlike most continents around the world, Africans sparingly give contribute towards eradicating poverty in their own countries instead the focus mostly is on what they can gain or achieve for themselves; the reason most of its countries are in the sad state they find themselves.

“Almost 200 billonaires of our time have made a pledge to give over 50 percent of their wealth to the good of humanity, all continents around the nations of our world are eradicating poverty. It’s been proven that Africa is the only continent that is unable to eradicate poverty and poverty is still on the increase on the continent of Africa”.

According to him, Africa will experience massive prosperity if it begins to invest in the poor and needy. The collaboration of all groups and institutions towards the goal of being generous will yield great results for the various countries and the African continent at large.

“I believe that until Africa and Africans, the Christian community, the Muslim community, the Jewish community begin to appreciate and understand that life is not about you and I but life is about the impact we made in the lives of others”, he said.

He admonished Africans to look past gaining wealth for themselves, for their families and in their personal interest and focus on impacting lives through the wealth they create, this according to him, will define their very essence of living.

“Until we understand that we must live making money for the good of humanity, helping people, providing clean waters, in areas where people don’t have clean water, touching lives, making the difference in the lives of others, you did not exist, you did not come into this world”.

“Until you did something to enhance the course of humanity, and to help make a difference in the lives of others, you are divinely a dissappointment and disqualified”.

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