UG students petition Speaker over ‘astronomic’ hike in fees

General News of Saturday, 15 July 2017



University Of Ghana 1Some students of the University of Ghana have petition the Speaker of Parliament

Some students of the University of Ghana have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Rt, Hon. Prof. Mike Quaye to intervene in what they describe as ‘exorbitant’ increase in the proposed 2017/2018 academic and residential facility user fees.

The petition is praying the Speaker to activate the powers of his office and that of parliament to instruct the school authorities to a re-examine the burden that has brought to bear on the student of the University.

The petition issued on the July 15, 2017, is appealing to the Parliament of Ghana to initiate a process for the presentation of the fees schedule before the floor of Parliament for scrutiny by the members of the House.

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We the undersigned students of the University Of Ghana write to

register our deepest revulsion and dissatisfaction with regard to the

proposed 2017/2018 academic and residential facility user fees; and

further pray that you activate the powers of your office and that of

parliament to instruct a re-examination of the inconvenient burden

that has brought to bear on the pauperized student. Highly plausible

and reliable information emanating from The Dean of Students Affairs

of the institution indicate that, barring any downward adjustment by

the academic board before whom the proposed fees is pending

ratification; students of the prestigious institution would in all

likelihood pay the rather exorbitant fees this academic year.

Also, there exists a glaring certitude that should no charitable

intervention come from your end as the leader of the august House of

Parliament of Ghana and from no other quarters, far many students

shall be left with no other alternative than to defer their academic

progammes due to a downright incapability to pay.

Sir, It is prudent we unassumingly draw your attention to the

perpetual economic difficulty that the average student of the

University Of Ghana is in. We also owe it a responsibility to remind

you of the insecurity South Africa suffered as a result of 10.5%

increment in fees in the country which triggered the aggressive fees

must fall campaign. Residential facility user fees alone has this year

at the University of Ghana experienced an average increment of about

14% and a burden of academic fees has also increases considerably

high. Ghanaian students are of disciplined and refined disposition and

should not be invited to traverse the path of the South African


In addition to the yearly payment of our fees, keeping body and soul

together within the premises of the University is outrageously pricey

and unbearable. It is hypothetical imperative we state ipso facto

that, despite the 60: 30 payment plan granted; a large chunk of

students are left with the obnoxious option of course deferrence.

We therefore pray your office and the Parliament of Ghana in entirety

to step in and rectify the situation for the poor student. In the

exercise of maximum convenience therefore, we propose the following:

1. That you actuate the sacred laws of Ghana by initiating a process

that will lead to the presentation of the fees schedule before

Parliament for scrutiny.

2. That a comprehensive justification for the roof-hitting fees in the face of declining inflation is addended to such a presentation in the august House.

3. That consequently, on the basis of the comprehensive justification,

a rejection of the fees in entirety is established or an instruction

is issued for a downward review.

The right to Education is a fundamental right enshrined in the 1992

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. Article 25 (1) asserts the need

for the State to work towards achieving a universal free education. It

reads, “higher education shall be made equally accessible to all on

the basis of capacity, by every appropriate means, and in particular,

by progressive introduction of free education”. The University of

Ghana has over the years in aversion to this constitutional provision

been making education overly progressively expensive. It is rather

beffudling over the years that our very adept legislators in

parliament look on unconcerned as this constitutional provision is

blatantly disregarded, ignored and breached.

Sir, It is time parliament is a departure of this unpleasant new

normal. It is your time to reposition parliament to assume its

rightful place in the approval of fees of public universities.

In conclusion sir, we wish to state categorically that the fees is

ungenerously outrageous and for that matter many are those whose

education would be truncated if you do not intervene.

We are hoping to hear well from you soon.

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