Read more on Ambassador-at-Large – Ayariga dares a Professor at Legon

General News of Friday, 14 July 2017



Ayariga GyampohMr Hassan Ayariga (left) and Prof Ransford Gyampo (right)

The Founder and the 2016 Presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Mr Hassan Ayariga has asked a senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana (UG), Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo to read more on the duties of the Ambassador-at-Large portfolio before commenting publicly on it.

According to the outspoken politician, the political science lecturer “is ignorant about the duties of an Ambassador-at-Large”.

According to Hassan Ayariga, Professor Gyampoh holds the view that an Ambassador-at-Large is superior to all other ambassadors and that he performs special duties.

“Professor Gyampo is ignorant about the duties of the Ambassador-at-Large”, he said, adding that “being a professor does not make you more intelligent than others”.

Mr Ayariga said this on Accra-based Okay FM on Friday morning.

According to him, Prof Gyampo relied solely on the dictionary definition of the Ambassador-at-Large portfolio to assume that “an Ambassador-at-Large is superior to other ambassadors or supervises the work of other ambassadors”.

He maintained that an Ambassador-at-Large is not superior to other ambassadors, and neither does he supervise the work of other ambassadors. He is a “mere errand boy of the president”, he emphasised.

“Prof Gyampo only read the dictionary meaning of the Ambassador-at-Large”, submitted Ayariga, insisting that “if you read dictionary meaning, add some wisdom to it”.

He added, “if he is a professor he should add wisdom and common sense to his knowledge”.

According to him, the political science lecturer had refused to add common sense to his academic sense, thus limiting his understanding of the portfolio.

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